Roshtein is another Swedish streamer with a lot of followers watching his videos and streams. He says that he is a casino-philosopher with a technique which makes him able to defy the odds in casino games. His real name is Ismael Swartz, though his age and birthplace is not known by the public. This streamer went live in 2016 and since then he have gained a lot of followers, and the amount is still growing steadily. He is actually one of the most famous and popular streamers on the internet, with more than 380,000 followers on Twitch and almost 50,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel.

Roshtein is not very active on his Youtube channel, most of the action is found on Twitch. He streams several times a week and slot machines is his favorite games. You will find him playing a wild variety of different slot titles and he have many big wins to brag with. Roshtein also has a website,, where you can find a lot of interesting things to read. There's also a forum where you can speak to other readers on several different topics. You can also collect points every time you watch his videos and those points can be used to buy awesome Roshtein merch, in that way you can physically show that you are a fan of the streamer.

Roshtein also offers giveaways to his watchers, which is a great way to reward his fans. In his video section at Twitch you will be able to choose between different categories, such as New Streams, Latest Highlights and Uploads as well as Popular Videos. In that way it is easy for you to find the videos to watch if there is no live stream available. Mostly Roshtein is streaming in the evenings and nights, you can see his stream schedule at Twitch as well. During his streams he is very active and answering questions that the watchers are asking him.

One of his favorite slots to play is Money Train, a slot which has given him some really big wins, or to say amazing wins throughout. He have managed to win both 144,000 euros and 185,000 euros while playing this game. His reactions are really priceless when getting this kind of big wins. Another slot machine that Roshtein loves to play is Jammin Jars by Push Gaming. It is a popular slot among many streamers, and who are we to blame them as it is a very interesting game to play as well as watch.

Another game you will see him play very often is Dog House, and it gives him big wins as well. Roshtein usually plays with high stakes, at least like 20 or 50 euros per spin, and of course that makes his wins bigger. While playing Dog House he have won amounts such as 22,500 euros and 15,000 euros as well. He is a very professional streamer and he has a calculated net worth of 3,5 to 4 million euros, amazing isn't it?!