Top 5 Biggest Wins in 2020 So Far

September 18, 2020

We are sure that you love big wins as much as we do, after all that is what this site is built on. There are many big wins out there, but you might be interested in the absolutely biggest wins to know how big they are! As we know streamers tend to play for hours and hours and you will see a lot of big wins, which makes it kind of hard to know exactly which are the biggest. However in this article we will let you know about the 5 biggest wins that have taken place in 2020 so far. There are still some months left of the year, but we simply cannot wait to make our list. An amazing thing about the wins is that they take place on different slot machines, not only on the same one. The record wins are on slots such as Jammin Jars by Push Gaming and Money Train by Relax Gaming.

We will not list the wins from highest to lowest, we will just tell you all about them one by one. It is something great about watching other people play and win, you can actually feel their happiness as you are watching. What is truly fantastic is those who win insane wins with just a low stake! That shows that pretty much everyone has the chance of winning big, even if your bankroll is not that high. To win in casino games has everything to do with luck, and who knows when your lucky day is coming up?

Down below you can read all about the Top 5 Biggest Wins in 2020 until now. We will give you all the great details about how the win took place, and of course who won it and when. It is great if you might not have the chance to watch the videos right away, or simply if you prefer reading to watching. You will not miss out on any good information by reading this article, we promise you that!

Cubes - Casinodaddy - 2020-03-24

The first of the biggest wins of 2020 that we wish to mention was won on 24th of March, by Casinodaddy. The slot machine was Cubes, a brand new game at the time and a very unique game as well. It is not so easy to understand how to win while playing this game from Hacksaw Gaming, as it looks like a rubik's cube which will expand with every win. To get free spins you need to get wins with all the five colors in one single game, which is easier said than done

When Casinodaddy gets this big win he plays with a stake of 15 euros a spin, which is not among the highest bets, but not the lowest either. During this specific spin the streamer reaches the free spins mode, chooses a cube and is rewarded with 7 free spins. It is during these free games that the magic happens and one of 2020’s biggest wins is paid out

During the free spins Casinodaddy needs to land combinations of red Cubes in order to get a big win. He has to land 70 red blocks in order to win a really big win, it sounds impossible in just 7 spins right? It is not until on the third spin that he manages to land his first red combination, locking 11 red Cubes at the grid. With three spins left he have locked 36 red Cubes, and cashing in over 400 euros, but that is not the big win we are waiting for!

During the following two spins he manages to get even more red Cubes and win around 2,000 euros, then with one spin left he have reached 61 out of 70 red Cubes. It seems hard to get 9 more in just the last spin, and Casinodaddy himself does not believe he made it when the last spin has been made. He thinks he misses one or two, so imagine his surprise when the counter shows that he reached 70 Cubes! That activates color blast which fills the whole grid with red Cubes, and the wins start to roll in! This huge win ended at 40,354.50 euros, imagine that

Jammin Jars - Slot Ronin - 2020-09-04

Jammin Jars is well-known for its big win opportunities and it is no wonder that it is among of the slots which has paid out the top 5 biggest wins so far this year. This particular win took place on September 4th byt Slot Ronin. Jammin Jars is a game by Push Gaming and it has a pretty unique setup as well. The grid consists of 8x8 symbols and to win you need to get clusters. There are Jam Jars with multipliers which can really boost your wins, just as they did for Slot Ronin in this awesome game session!

As the video starts the streamer has just been awarded with 6 free spins, which is the easiest way to reach a big win in this game. This particular game is played with a bet at 6 euros, which is pretty low when considering the great win that awaits. The first spin does not offer much, but already at the second free spin there are some wins to cash in. The Jam Jars has multipliers which increases with every win and during a win all winning symbols will disappear and be replaced with new ones. One spin can go on for a long time thanks to that. The second spin pays out a bit over 330 euro, but that is just a small piece of what is to come!

The third spin pays out a bit as well, then on the fourth spin it all seems to be over, as all Jam Jars spreads far away from each other instead of jumping closer to each other. However on the fifth spin they manage to get closer to each other and we see the chances of wins increasing once again! The fifth spin is actually where the magic happens and at the end of it Slot Ronin gets an amazing win of 46,697 euro. The last spin adds 1,600 euro to it all and it is the biggest win ever during Slot Ronins days of playing casino games. It is definitely a record win!

Money Train - Miikapekka - 2020-08-05

Money Train is also a slot machine with plenty of big wins to offer, and Miikapekka caught one that is among the top 5 biggest wins so far in 2020. The video starts with him getting three bonus symbols, which takes him to the bonus game. He plays with a kind of low stake at just 1 euro, but he wins a lot more than that! Money Train is developed by Relax Gaming and during the bonus game you can reach a multiplier of 20,000x at the most! The bonus game is about spinning reels to reveal multipliers of different kinds, and in the end you will get the win according to your gained multiplier. So let us tell you about how this streamer landed one of the greatest wins this year!

Miikapekka is lucky while spinning the reels of the bonus game, adding new multipliers and new bonus spins regularly. After a lot of spins he manages to open the sixth reel of the bonus grid and by then he have already reached a multiplier of 1,307x. The multiplier keeps adding and adding and he gets more and more spins, at what multiplier will this awesome game session end?! The special symbols keeps on showing up at the reels and he it gives him more and more spins, will it ever come to a stop?

The multipliers keeps adding and adding and before the bonus round comes to an end he have reached an amazing multiplier at 10,843x and a win of 10,843 euro! The win might not be as big as the two we have already written about, but none of them were played with a low bet at 1 euro either! Imagine getting this kind of win by betting a single euro, is that not totally amazing?

Ninja Ways - Shirox1980 - 2020-05-31

Ninja Ways is a slot machine by Red Tiger Gaming. It has a Japanese theme and is exciting to play. This year it has actually paid out one of the biggest wins so far and it was when Shirox1980 spinned the reels. In the video you will first see him getting rewarded with 6 free spins, and it is during those the great win will take place. The stake is at 10 dollars, which is not very high but not too low either. The first spin is not very successful, but he does win 66 dollars on it. After three spins he has landed wins of 180 dollars, which is not the big win he is hoping for.

When it is time for the last spin, the winning balance is at 258 dollars. He does actually win something on every spin which is good, but by the look of his face he is expecting way more than that. During the last spin we even feel like we should cheer on the reels together with him. But we guess he did not know that his cheering would actually make a difference, as the last spin is going to reward him with so much more than the first five spins did!

The excitement is huge during the last spin as we are watching in slow motion which symbol will be expanded on the reels. Will it be the symbol that will reward him a lot? Well we already know that, but he did not know it at the time. The money just keeps rolling and rolling and he gets more and more exaggerated when seeing the kind of amount he has just cashed in. When it reaches 22,000 dollars he believe it will stop soon, but he is way more lucky than that. When the win finally stops rolling in it has reached an amazing 46,000 dollars. You can really see how surprised the streamer is by winning this kind of money!

Lil Devil - Chipmonkz slots and gambling videos - 2020-05-31

This last win is actually a world record slot win at 100,000x and it takes place at Lil Devil by Big Time Gaming. This win is actually so amazing and it takes place in the free spins section of the game. The stake is as low as 0,4 British Pounds, which is really low considering the win paid out during those free spins. At the start the streamer is rewarded with 7 free spins, but they do get way more than that!

During the gameplay the streamer is rewarded with more and more free spins and at the end of the session he has played as many as 19 free spins. After seven played spin the total win is a little above 400 Brittish Pounds, but just wait on it, much more will be paid out we promise! Spin number 8 offers a great win of 1,600 Brittish Pounds and that alone is a great win for a stake as low as 0.4! But how far will this wins go, what will be the total win on this game as it is one of the top 5 biggest wins in 2020 so far?

When all the 19 free spins has been played you will see the total amount won rolling in on the screen and it is definitely a record win. What amazes us the most is the low bet that managed to land a huge win like this! Are you ready to hear the final amount? Make sure you sit down friends, as it landed on a total win of 42,051.92 Brittish Pounds!! Imagine seeing that kind of money roll in on your player account ready to be spent! This is absolutely the most stunning win on the list!

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