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How To Win Big on Slot Machines?

I guess we all wonder how to win big on slot machines and the fact is that slot machines generates wins randomly, but there is however some ways to boost your chances of winning when playing on slots. There are things like RTP and volatility which is very important when it comes to finding out which slots are most likely to give you a great win. But there's also things like not choosing the obvious options, if a casino promotes a game much it's usually not favorable for you to play on it, because the truth is that online casinos wants your money. Other ways to win big on slot machines is to bet higher amounts, the higher you bet the more you will win. Also you should avoid any branded games as they're costly for the developer and the winning possibilities are therefore smaller. Well we will tell you more details about all of this in our article, so read along to find out how to win big on slot machines.

Let's start with the Return to Player (RTP), which is the theoretical payout of a slot machine. It can range from 92 to 97 % and the higher it is the better chances you have of winning. However the RTP is calculated during many rounds and you can never know how many times you need to spin the reels before getting a win. The RTP is the percentage of how much money is returned to the players, if you bet 100 dollars on a slot machine with 96 % RTP then the theoretical return to you is 96 dollars. But it all depends on how lucky you are, some players win much more than that meanwhile other players lose instead. That's why you should also take a look at another important factor which is called the volatility. When you read our articles about the different slot machines we always mention the RTP of the slot machine in the text.

As we mentioned above the volatility is as important as the RTP and that's why we always make sure to mention the volatility in our articles as well. Some people doesn't call it volatility, instead they call it variance, and it's important to know that it's the same thing. The volatility shows which risk there is of playing a certain slot machine. It actually determines how you win when playing on slots. It actually shows the frequency of wins while playing the specific game. If you play on a slot machine with a low volatility you'll win more often, however the winnings are most likely to be small. A slot machine with a high volatility pays out more rarely, but the wins are usually so much more preferable in size. Slots with a high volatility are more risky and you need to be more patient while playing on those, but the rewards are more likely to be generous. You'll never know how many times you need to spin the reels before cashing in. You can try out a game to see its volatility by yourself, if you play long enough it's easy to find out, but if you read our reviews you'll get the information about the volatility without even trying it out first.

On our page you can see videos of people getting big wins and we wish to mention some of the greatest slot machines for you to get big wins while playing. One of our favorites is Jammin Jars by Push Gaming, With it's cluster wins, high RTP and high volatility it's know for giving high payouts to patient players. Another great slot machine for anyone who wish to win big is Raging Rhino by WMS Gaming, a game with an african theme and great bonus features. If you like slot machines with an Asian theme then Peking Luck might be the right slot machine for you, it has big wins hidden on the reels. We have plenty of videos showing the great wins paid out by this specific slot machine. We also want to mention 300 Shields, which is an interesting slot machine that can give big payouts to lucky players. Those slot machines are however only a few of all the slot machines that can give you big wins online.

In the introduction we mentioned that you shouldn't choose the obvious option, meaning that you shouldn't choose the slot machine that's being promoted alot by online casinos. An online casino doesn't gain money if you get big wins so they often hide the slots with a high possibility of winning in the shadows. Check slots that's not on the first page of the casino and use our page to see with games that has high volatility and RTP. Another tip for those of you who wish to win big while playing on slot machines is to play with higher bets. The winnings of a slot is proportional to how much you bet at each spin so betting higher amounts gives bigger chances of winning bigger. However there's a higher risk of playing when you bet higher values, and it will destroy your bankroll faster than if you bet lower amounts.

A great tip for a bigger chance of getting a big win while playing on a slot machine is to check our page, our videos shows big wins on many different slot machines so that you can find one that suits you. There's also reviews where you can read about the different slot machines. In our reviews you'll find information on both RTP percentage and volatility, as well as bet levels and bonus features. By reading them you can find a slot machine that fits your needs while at the same time giving you a great possibility of bringing big wins home. We hope that this article has given you some useful information on how to win big on slot machines and of course we wish for you to be one of the next winners we post a video of on our page.